Cardiology Anatomy Section 4- Veins of the Lower Body

TOPICS: Internal pudendal vein, inferior rectal veins, vertebral venous plexus, femoral vein, great saphenous vein, superficial epigastric veins, internal iliac vein, rectum, pectinate line, popliteal vein, adductor hiatus, adductor magnus, femoral triangle, superficial abdominal wall, external hemorrhoids, cirrhosis, anorectal varices, superior rectal vein, deep vein thrombosis, central venous line insertion, superficial vein thrombosis, portal hypertension, paraumbilical veins, caput medusae, vertebral venous plexus, inferior vena cava, common iliac vein, superficial rectal veins, sartorius adductor longus, inguinal ligament, femoral nerve, femoral artery

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