Microbiology Bacteria Section 46 – Treponema Pallidum

TOPICS: Treponema Pallidum, spirochete, dark field microscopy, STI, sexually transmitted infection, Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, penicillin, primary syphilis, painless genital chancre, VDRL, RPR test, anticardiolipin antibodies, FTA-ABS, maculopapular rash, palms, soles, secondary syphilis, condyloma lata, genital, patchy hair loss, gummas, neurosyphilis, tertiary syphilis, tabes dorsalis, dorsal column, demyelination, aortitis, tree barking, Argyll Robertson pupils, neuropathic arthropathy, Charcot joint, congenital syphilis, notched teeth, hearing loss, saddle nose, snuffles, rhagades, angle of the mouth, saber shins, pregnancy, penicillin

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