Musculoskeletal Pathology Section 1- Bone Disorders

TOPICS: Osteopetrosis, carbonic anhydrase II, pancytopenia, hearing and visual defects, hydrocephalus, renal tubular acidosis, sclerotic bone, rickets, osteomalacia, vitamin D deficiency, defective bone mineralisation, genu varum, rachitic rosary, PTH, ALP, osteoporosis, bone loss, senile, postmenopausal, DEXA T-score, bisphosphonates, Paget disease of bone, thick sclerotic bone, lytic, mixed, sclerotic, quiescent, mosaic pattern, osteosarcoma, high output cardiac failure, osteomyelitis, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, pasteurella, pseudomonas, neisseria, mycobacterium tuberculosis, sickle cell, joint replacement, IVDU, blood culture

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