It goes without saying that medical colleges have the highest tuition fee amongst all colleges/universities globally. Trust me, it is hard enough to deal with med school without considering the exorbitant tuition fee. Most medical students are always fighting to make ends meet due to the ongoing load of student debt, scholarships, and housing fees. 


In such a bone-crunching, capitalistic world, even a small amount of additional money may go a long way. So allow me to put my med school experience to good use and advise you five different ways I used to squeeze out those extra bucks during my days as a student whilst keeping my academics in check.


  1. Tutor students


In a country like the United States of America, education is given great importance and rightfully so! People tend to spend big bucks on degrees and getting into med school is seen as a huge feather in one’s academic cap. Fortunately for you, getting into med school is a testimony of your brains. This means that you can guide others to tread the path of greatness as you yourself trod i.e you can easily earn up to $100 per hour teaching college students how to prepare for the MCATs. This process of tutoring is not limited to real-life interactions with students which involves you going to their place or them coming to yours, but the online realm has opened up endless opportunities for teaching aspiring doctors and making cool bucks in the comfort of your house. Sites like teacheron are now breaking these barriers and revolutionizing the way traditional tutoring used to take place. Take heed of the moment and bake hay while the sun shines!

  1. Become a plasma donor


You might be surprised to hear this but your body is extremely valuable and the best part is that you can ethically profit off it. Unbeknownst to most, some smart students go twice a week for plasma donation and can make some decent money for the minimal effort. Just for a session that takes around an hour, you can be compensated around $30-60 depending on the plasma donation center. It is biologically safe to donate up to twice a week, therefore, this simple


  1. Drive for Uber/Lyft on your free days


If you have a car, this is, hands down, one of the best ways to make money in med school. With the oil prices soaring in the international market, why pay for a ride when you can charge for it? Uber and Lyft are not only very easy to use but they also offer great compensation for your time and fuel. A single ride can earn you up to $50 depending on your area which means that on your weekends, you can easily earn anywhere from $500-$1000 if you put in the hours. The best part about this job is that you are your own boss. You decide your work hours and you decide whether you want to take a ride or not. With a great degree of work flexibility and very reasonable compensation, this isn’t a part-time job med students should need to sleep on.


  1. Online Freelancing


I was saving the best for last. In fact, this is exactly what I am doing right now! Online freelancing has now completely revamped the face of the job market. The convenience is unmatched and the learning experience it offers is invaluable. For those of you who are unaware, freelancing basically means to work for someone without being fully employed by them, rather you get paid per the work you hand in. If you want to make good money and also add substantially to your CV, you would not want to miss out on freelancing. Freelancing is so diverse, that you can easily pick out your niche and set yourself up for work which you can easily manage and get paid for it instantly. Put your medical knowledge to good use and you would be surprised at the value it commands.


With this, I bring the nifty ways to an end and I sincerely hope that you do not miss out on all the extra cash that is desperately waiting to find its way into your pockets. So best of luck and go secure that bag!

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